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Design and competently implement communication models

Digital transformation, increasingly complex organizational models, and dynamic social environments pose various challenges for corporate communications and marketing. Engaging all stakeholders in a user-centered, consistent and real-time manner and efficiently networking with each other is the core task of active communication work.

The work of the change experts begins long before changes in the company become visible. Their task is to provide all those involved with information in such a way that no deficits arise or rumors begin to circulate. With their work, these specialists contribute significantly to the acceptance of change.

How We Support You

The increasing digitalization of almost all areas and processes presents companies of all industries with enormous change tasks. Previously rather rigid and linear value chains between companies, clients and suppliers are transforming into complex networks using new information and communication technologies. They create added value in a network of dynamically communicating and flexibly reacting units and technical systems.

In such projects, virtually everything changes — from the process, to the environment, to the workforce or parts of it. These changes need to be communicated in order to prepare for them professionally.

Examples of the use of interim managers in communications & change

  • Interim Head of Corporate Communications
  • Change and crisis communication (internal and external)
  • Strategic Positioning and Building Up-to-Date Corporate Communication
  • Reconstruction of classical communication in the direction of Digital Communication: Online and Mobile, SEM, SEO, Social Media etc. Marketing Process Optimization (Restructuring, Outsourcing, Interface Optimization, Returns on Communication)
  • Internationalization of a Marketing Department
  • Brand Renovation and Management of an International B-to-C Brand
  • Building a structured campaign management

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