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Project Offers

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Direct Contact

Direct Contact

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Promote Clients

Promote Clients

Clients from direct assignments may be used as references
Fair Pricing

Fair Pricing

RGP only charges commission on successfully acquired projects

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Q&A for Consultants,Project- and Interim Managers

Projects From All Areas

All specialist and functional areas are represented at RGP Germany. Our clients come from a variety of industries and are looking for interim managers from all backgrounds.

Direct Contact with the Company

Many of our clients seek direct contact with the interim manager — without the support of a third party service. This is permitted on RGP Germany.

Fair Commission

RGP is free of charge for project acquisitions. Commissions are based solely on successful contracts. More details can be found in our terms and conditions.

Professional Support

For all contracts you acquire through us, we will stand by you. From initial contact to project implementation, we will support you in your work.

Supporting Ongoing Projects

During your current project, we're always there to help. Professional and personal support is our top priority.

Human-First Approach

RGP Germany is an internet platform with real people working behind the scenes. As a result, the search and selection of interim managers always takes place in person.


You can sign up for RGP Germany provided you’ve been working as a project or line manager for at least 10 years. This is non-negotiable, and career starters need not apply.


Project experience is the alpha and omega of cooperation for us. If you’re applying for one of our projects, you should have successfully completed at least three similar projects.


In addition to project experience, it is essential that you meet the requirements set out in our inquiries in the best possible way. Please describe your skills and qualifications in your online profile as precisely and comprehensively as possible. We will gladly assist you in creating your profile.


At RGP Germany you can register free of charge at any time and apply for offered projects. Please pay attention to the completeness and accuracy of it. Profiles that don’t match the requirements cannot be included in the selection.


No placement without a personal interview. Before we introduce you to one of our clients, we get to know each other personally, answer all questions and clarify whether you will be a good fit for the project.

Premium Partners

We invite you to become a Premium Partner, especially if you’re an experienced manager. As a Premium Partner, you can enjoy many benefits and even access our network — ex. to fill your own contracts with colleagues.

What Does RGP Germany Offer Me?

RGP Germany is much more than an online database. Creating a professional manager profile is just the gateway to our future collaboration opportunities. As a registered user, you have the opportunity to apply for our projects as well as directly to the projects of our clients. Direct contact between you and the respective project providers is both permitted and desired.

Is RGP Germany a Provider?

RGP Germany is an online platform that enables independent interim managers to present themselves in the market in a professional manner. Clients can make contact directly with the interim managers, negotiate and conclude contracts. As an interim manager you also have the opportunity to apply directly to advertised projects. Projects that are created in this way are carried out without the involvement of the provider.

In addition, we also offer our clients manual pre-selection of suitable candidates. By doing this, we actually work like a regular provider.

How Much Does the Registration Cost?

The use of the platform is completely free of charge, regardless of how often or how long you use it. You can use all functions free of charge and establish contact with interested project providers. Only when the contract has been successfully concluded do we charge 20% of your daily rate as commission. This form of profit sharing is particularly fair, as you only pay for our services if you have actually benefited from it. As long as you do not benefit from the platform, all services are free of charge.


Important: All projects that are offered to you through an intermediary (provider) are commission-free.

How do I Get Project Request?

RGP Germany is not a matching platform. The search and selection of suitable interim managers is always carried out by one person. The platform's software only supports us in research — ex. in the basic search for suitable candidates.

For all projects in which we have been commissioned as a provider, one of our partners takes over the selection process and clarifies your questions in a personal conversation.

The most important requirement for cooperation with RGP Germany or one of our clients is the free registration. As a registered manager, you can select in your account from which specialist and functional areas you would like to receive project inquiries. We will inform you immediately as soon as we have received a suitable request or an invitation to tender has been published on RGP Germany.

What Options Do I Have?

The most important prerequisite for working with RGP Germany or one of our clients is the free registration. As a registered manager, you can select which specialist and functional areas you would like to receive project inquiries in your account. We will then inform you as soon as we have received a suitable request or an invitation to bid has been published on RGP Germany.

Who Is My Contact Person?

Our support team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about RGP Germany using our contact form. For specific project enquiries and during the selection process, a Human-First Approach person is available by telephone. As a rule, this is the partner who oversees the respective assignment.

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