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Interim Cast of Key Positions

Vacancy bridging, capacity and competence bottlenecks, crises as well as succession issues, especially in owner-managed and medium-sized enterprises — companies of all sizes can find themselves in situations, for a variety of reasons, in which a persuading interim appointment to a key management position is needed at short notice.

How We Support You

Restructuring - Classic fields for temporary CEO and CRO mandates are the wholesale or partial restructuring and transformation of business organizations as a result of changing circumstances or crisis situations.

Optimization - Substantial finance, IT, distribution, or supply chain issues are also frequently in demand, as well as growth programs in interim roles as CFO, SCO, COO, CTO, or CIO.

Sales - A special topic of interim management is the value- and reputation-oriented divestment of parts of companies or of the entire enterprise.

Succession - Through competent management, involvement of all relevant stakeholders and intensive training of the successor, interim executives ensure a successful transition process. In intra-family succession situations, they also support the unbundling and resolution of conflict potentials through high leadership competence, an independent view and a business focus.

In these situations, first-class management resources are in required, assuming responsibility in management functions in a secure and solution-oriented manner for the benefit of the owner until the position can be filled permanently or the challenge is resolved.


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