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When filling positions in permanent employment, the job advertisement counts as a fixed repertoire. Jobboards like Monster, Stepstone or Experteer bring together employers and employees. Simple, effective and cost-effective. RGP Germany goes the same way in interim management.

Our customer was thrilled. Within the first 12 hours after submitting his project request, he had 14 applications in his inbox. More than half of it was a perfect fit, so it was quickly found and one of our interim managers could sign before the week. Examples like this are the rule and we are very happy, because they show that we have positioned ourselves correctly with our offer.

What we offer

RGP Germany is not only an agent for consultants, project and interim managers. In addition, we provide a complete job board for consultancy mandates and project assignments on RGP . Companies can use this specialized job board to target more than 3,000 interim managers.

Option 1: Recruiter access

Those who would like to manage the application process themselves can get a free recruiter account from our team. With recruiter access, companies can publish projects and mandates on RGP Germany.

Our matching algorithm automatically identifies the right audience and informs the interim managers in question about the new projects. If interested, the candidates can then apply for the project. All applications go directly to the project provider, who then makes the selection.

In the RGP Germany backend, our customers will find a specialized recruiting system, with which the applicant administration can be carried out particularly comfortably.

The setup and use of Recruiters access is free . For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Uwe Sunkel at +49 171 55 100 81. Alternatively, contact us at support@RGP .

Option 2: Project Briefing and Full-Service

Not all companies have the time to carry out the recruiting process themselves. Already the query of experiences and references can be very time consuming. In addition, the legal or contractual framework must be observed when filling interim mandates. Not all customers are really sure-footed here. We are happy to advise you.

The RGP Germany team supports project providers in the search and (pre)-selection of suitable candidates. These services are completely free for our customers. As a result, we can usually hand over a hand-picked and quality-assured shortlist to the customer after 48 hours. On request, we will advise you competently in the contract design and will then be available to you as a performance partner for the project implementation.

Prerequisite for the support offered is the implementation of a project briefing. This can be done by phone or, more conveniently, through our online project briefing .


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