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Offers tend to evolve based on existing needs. If the offers are then still suitable to offer a benefit, the idea can develop a successful business. The HR consultants have discovered such a need and are currently trying to develop an offer from it. It is the bridging of the waiting period until an open position can be filled with the desired candidate. If notice periods extend over several months, but the need for immediate and immediate action, then an interim manager or interim expert can be used. But the problem is as so often in detail. Because seldom do the personnel consultants know the right candidate, who will then be available immediately.

Requirements for the Interim Manager

Using an interim manager to bridge a vacancy does not make sense. Certain requirements must be checked before this option can be considered. Above all, it must be ensured that the eligible interim manager is able to familiarize himself with the topic or project within a few days. If the training itself took several weeks or even months, nothing would be gained. Until then, the permanent candidate is long on board. Two factors play a key role in finding the right temporary manager. On the one hand, the candidate has to be immediately available and, on the other hand, there needs to be a special "type" of manager or expert who is accustomed to taking over a topic operationally in a very short time, the latter being far less natural and harder to find than one Experienced interim managers are familiar with such situations and have adopted a methodology that often lacks permanent staff in companies (simply because it is not necessary).

Recruiters are not eligible

The dilemma is that HR consultants do not necessarily have to be able to find, communicate, or even hold candidates with such skills. At the same time, however, the HR consultant would like to provide his clients with the fullest possible support and therefore offer a suitable solution even in the event of a bridge. And there the cat bites its tail. The recruitment consultant has to move so far from his core business for this add-on service that it makes neither economic nor qualitative sense. As a result, he will only be lucky enough to find a suitable candidate. More likely, however, is that the candidate does not fit, that the process takes too long and / or that the price is too high in the end.

Exactly for this situation, RGP Germany offers a solution that helps all involved parties. From the Enterprise model, HR consultants can now access the quality-assured RGP Germany Manager pool. Based on simple search criteria, the registered project and interim managers, consultants and subject experts are found and can be contacted directly. Over 2,500 candidates already offer their services through RGP Germany. Currently, interested personnel consultants can register for free and also use the platform free of charge. Further information is available on request.


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