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Although sales is one of the most important functions in a company, it is often the Achilles’ heel. In periods of strong growth as well as periods of fierce, cut-throat competition, the performance of the sales organization usually determines how successful and profitable a company is and whether it can gain market share and continue to grow.

How We Support You

As sales and marketing specialists, our interim managers are the strategic sparring partners for the CEO and management. Based on profound industry and market knowledge, they optimize the sales strategy with a clear goal: to increase sales, open up new markets and achieve a significant improvement in results.

Examples of Using Interim Managers in Sales

    • Interim CSO or Interim Sales Manager
    • Setting up and implementing Sales Excellence programs
    • Implementation of client relationship management and CRM systems
    • Development of Sales Management and Reporting
    • Development and establishment of a client segmentation strategy
    • Restructuring of the internal sales service

Examples of Using Interim Managers in Marketing

    • Development of a sales and marketing strategy including action planning
    • Marketing Process Optimization (Restructuring, Outsourcing, Interface Optimization, Returns on Communication)
    • Internationalization of a Marketing Department
    • Brand Renovation and Management of an International B-to-C Brand

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