Supply Chain Management


actively shaping procurement, production and delivery processes

Progressive globalisation, digital networking and technological progress are leading to ever more complex procurement and sales markets. Supply chain management, especially in export-driven industries, is exposed to high pressure to adapt to dynamic environments.

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Time-to-Market - In increasingly individualized and digitized markets with numerous variants and components as well as ever-shorter product lifecycles and cycle times, reaction and adaptation speed is the critical success factor.

Efficient Material and Information Flows - Increasing demands on product quality and constant price pressure require continuous resource optimization through consistent recording and control of all production and material flows of raw materials, components, semi-finished and end products as well as contract and logistics processes.

Flexible Procurement Networks - In order to be able to flexibly cushion order fluctuations in volatile and individualized markets, ongoing value stream analyses are required, including review and consolidation of procurement, if necessary through alternative sources of supply.

Transparency - Today, manufacturing companies are expected to transparently map their value chains from raw material suppliers to end customers in order to demonstrate product quality and safety, sustainability and compliance with other production standards in accordance with applicable specifications. A uniform and high-performance data and software basis as well as coordinated manufacturing technologies and processes are prerequisites for this.

Competent management resources are required for these challenges in SCM, enabling companies to actively tailor and continuously optimize their procurement, production and delivery processes.


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